Shining Stars now offers equine connection classes!

Students in equine connection classes will have the opportunity to work with the horses on the ground to develop effective communication and leadership strategies. Students will learn safe and effective training techniques to lead their horse through a variety of activities. This promotes confidence and empowerment as students learn how to partner with and train their horses. Students get to enjoy the reward of developing a relationship with their horse. They will then apply what they learned with their horses to real life situations, creating powerful learning experiences. Our heart is for each participant to develop a trust relationship with their horse that will lead them to discover the faithful love of their heavenly father, who desires and is worthy of our faith.

But that’s not all, students will also learn about:

  • Horse Care – grooming, feeding
  • Observing herd interaction
  • Horse behavior
  • Leadership and teamwork

Next class begins March 11, 2024.

3 sessions per year | 9 weeks per session | $30 per class

For class dates contact Rachel Stoner at or 717-357-2774