It’s All Connected to Community

Whether it’s arena lessons, summer camps, volunteer training, veterans’ work or ministry classes, Shining Stars programs are life-changers.

The Shining Stars mission is to offer therapeutic programs for children, adults, and families to help improve physical, cognitive, emotional, and social areas of their lives. Horsemanship programs are held in an indoor riding arena/therapeutic learning center which allows for year-round programming.

Horsemanship Programs

Our riding programs help children and adults get unique rehabilitative therapy. Students work on physical, social, emotional & cognitive concepts as they ride & receive instruction geared to their individual goals. Classes are small, relaxed, friendly, and a lot of fun. 45-minute classes for individuals with physical, mental or emotional special needs. Meets once a week per session, $30.00 per class.

Cart driving provides physical activity which can improve balance, coordination, muscle tone and strength. The student may be required to lift and place harness pieces on the horse, using large muscle groups such as the triceps, biceps and core. Students may also learn to buckle the harness, using small muscles and dexterity control.

Practice and application of mental skills are also an important part of the driving program, especially with concentration, perception, motor coordination, and awareness of surroundings. Building trust, improving self – confidence and fostering a sense of independence are valuable emotional areas which may show student growth.

The Shining Stars cart driving program offers students a challenge to try something unique and different from any other sport.

Open to all ages. 45-minute classes, $30.00 per class.

Silver Stars offers a variety of ways to incorporate horses into a physical routine that helps to strengthen muscles. Silver Stars provides equine therapy effective in helping older folks who suffer from depression, feelings of agitation, anxiety, and other psychological issues.

Stars and Stripes is an innovative program designed for military veterans’ needs. All veterans, from any era, are welcome to participate with us in “natural horsemanship” and many other therapeutic endeavors, including grooming and horse behavior. Read more

Students in equine connection classes will have the opportunity to work with the horses on the ground to develop effective communication and leadership strategies. Students will learn safe and effective training techniques to lead their horse through a variety of activities. This promotes confidence and empowerment as students learn how to partner with and train their horses. Students get to enjoy the reward of developing a relationship with their horse. They will then apply what they learned with their horses to real life situations, creating powerful learning experiences. Our heart is for each participant to develop a trust relationship with their horse that will lead them to discover the faithful love of their heavenly father, who desires and is worthy of our faith.

But that’s not all, students will also learn about:

  • Horse Care – grooming, feeding
  • Observing herd interaction
  • Horse behavior
  • Leadership and teamwork

3 sessions per year | 9 weeks per session | $30 per class

Summer Horse Camps give young people a unique opportunity to learn about the love and hope God gives through horses.

Many of our kids go through stressful or tragic circumstances. Whether it be a death in the family,  a sickness, or divorce, our children feel the effects of those changes. Our desire is for these young people to learn about the love and hope God gives through horses.

Our Horse Day Camps feature riding lessons, swimming, crafts, character building lessons, journals, visits from equine professionals, and more!