I retired in 2021. I knew God had plans for me. I was not sure which direction I was supposed to go. I had a dear friend that I played golf with, who told me about Shinning Stars ⭐️. I always loved horses and had a horse of my own at one point. I decided to come to the training but was hesitant about if I should make the commitment. The more I came to the barn and the arena, the more it felt like home. The transition of retirement was a little hard, but being around the horses comforted my soul. I had never driven a horse in a cart before. I enjoy learning to drive and everything involved with the program. It is nice to see how much joy it brings to the students. I also participate in the riding program as a horse leader. Watching the students make progress and come out of their shell, opened my heart and brought me great joy as well. Now I am dedicated to the program and love to tell people about it. I have meta lot of wonderful people. God always has a plan. The program brings blessings to all involved. – Katie Zimmer